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1920 - The first Qualcast hand powered cylinder mower was launched by the Derwent foundry of Derby.

1922 - Qualcast ltd. was formed as aseperate trading companydevoted to lawnmower manufacture.

1932 - Production of the Panther commenced. It became an instant best seller and acheived over 1 millionsales by 1956.

1938 - Follows & Bate of Manchester, famous for their range of hand mowers get absorbed into the growing Qualcast group.

1939 - Qualcast introduce 2-stroke petrol mower to their Panther range, however with the onset of World War II mass production was suspended untill hostilities ad ceased.

1945 - Within a few months of the end of World War II, Qualcast had become the largest manufacturer of lawnmowers in the UK.

1951 - Qualcast relocates to a purpose built site at Sunnyhill, on the outskirts of Derby.

1958 - The Kaufmann Group, which included competitor, Suffolk lawnmowers, was acquired by the Qualcast Group.

1967 - Birmingham Aluminium, Midland Cylinders and the Qualcast group merge to form Birmid-Qualcast Industries Ltd.

1970 - Qualcast introduce light mains electric mowers to the UK with the launch of the Rota-Mini.

1971 - Qualcast follow the Rota-Mini with their light mains electric cylinder lawnmower, The Concorde 12" in all new pale blue livery.

1984/85 - Qualcast introduce safety bladed mowing with the launch of Mow 'n' Trim and Hoversafe.

1988 - The Qualcast group were acquired by Blue Circle, the foundry divisions were sold off.

1991 - Qualcast's Derby site closed down with all activities transferred to Stowmarket. Atco-Qualcast Ltd was formed, but its collection of famous brand names continued, each competing in different sections of the garden products market.

1994 - Qualcast launched their Hedgemaster range, designed and built in Stowmarket. The Hedgemaster became the UK's best sellerin its launch year.

1995 - Six millionth Concorde sold - Limited edition of 10 produced in black and gold livery.

1996 - The QX, Quick Exchange cassette system was launched. This system marked a new beginning for cylinder lawnmowers.

2000 - Launch of the worlds first patented steerable hover mower.

2001 - Introduction of the new Concorde - a lightweight cylinder mower designed for the new century.

2002 - Launch of the new range of powerful electric rotary mowers with hi - torque PowerdriveTM motors to easily tackle long grass. The Easi-Trak 32 for small, compact lawns and the Power-Trak 34 for medium lawns.

2003 - Addition to the succesful range of new electric rotary mowers with the introduction of the Power-Trak 400, a convenient alternative to petrol mowing. There is now a model to suite every garden size.

2006 - New range of Suffolk Punch branded lawnmowers launched.